Telematics Based Car Insurance Company

Lowest premiums.

Fastest claims process.


Car insurance is too expensive. Compensation of accidents is too difficult and takes too long to get payment.


Lowest fares insurance company with guaranteed compensation in 24 hours after accident.

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How it works?

Insurance black box installed into client’s car. Blackbox detect accident dynamics and sends to Ubitel servers;

Ubitel servers analyze accident and calculate compensation (in near to real time);

User get (to Mobile app) proposal to accept compensation (in near to real time);

User deliver car to authorised car repair center. If bill is higher, client upload bill in app and Ubitel pays difference in 24 hours;

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Why Ubitel wins competition against classic Car Insurance Companies?

  • Automated risk assessment and claims calculation;
  • No thousands empoloyees and big offices;
  • Shared resources for global operations;
  • No sales and brokers networks;
  • Transparent, cost effective automated reporting to central bank;


Blockchain + Insurance Telematics + Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Blackbox. Telemetry device to detects car accident dynamics and sends to server; Data is encrypted and can be unlocked only with client’s acceptance. Client must deliver unique private digital key;

Digital insurance platform: platform issue insurance contracts and pay compensations automatically; Constantly learn and become more accurate in paying compensation to clients;

Blockchain: store public key of each Telemetry box and makes sure data of accident is not manipulated. As well guarantee privacy of data;

Mobile app: used to sign insurance contract, get compensation payments, upload bills from car repair;

  • Driver Analitycs

  • Vehicale Location

  • Usage and Performance

  • Predictive behaviour

  • Stolen Vehicale Recovery

  • Crash notifications

  • Automated Emergency Assistance

Market Overview

The difference between premiums and claims is €32 billions.

Ubitel goal is to bring these money back to customers pockets.

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  • Žydrūnas Andruška


  • Andrius Valentukonis


  • Andrius Kučiauskas

    CRO & UX


  • Jon Kirk

    Insurance Distribution Channel

  • Nerius Jasinavicius

    Process Efficiency Expert

  • Mindaugas Kiznis

    Tech / Blockchain Architecture

  • Mindaugas Kaikaris

    Marketing strategy

  • Marius Civilis

    Project management

  • Giedrius Askoldavičius

    Insurtech startups

  • Mindaugas Zarumskis

    IoT R&D Management

Stay informed about progress and public platform realease

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